71% of Companies have implemented some form
of wellness program.

Only 22% know the effectiveness of their wellness program.

Are you ready for a wellness program that REALLY works?

Create a Healthier, More Productive Workforce

The most effective way to lower employer and employee health care related costs is to help your workforce live healthier. Pulse Health Solutions offers organizations the opportunity to lower their future increases in health costs by targeting preventable chronic diseases, such as cardio-vascular and diabetes, while at the same time adding improvement to employee's health and well-being, as well as worker comp claims. We are a cost management company who takes a comprehensive approach to implementing and managing integrated results based on designing wellness programs and options that will best fit your organization's culture and needs. We provide these tools cost effectively and deliver measurable results. Organizations in our programs will reduce health related absenteeism and workers' comp claims which leads to improved productivity and profitability.


BWC Offers Workplace Wellness Program Grant

The Bureau of Worker's Compensation announced that they are committing $4,000,000 to help small businesses implement a wellness program. This is the only state funded grant of its kind available in the United States. It is a four year program that is designed to help off-set the costs of funding wellness for the organization's employees. To learn more about this program, contact or call us at 513-278-7175.